Omega-3 eggs
The eggs of your heart…

Following the development of science, in collaboration with prominent scientists of the field, “TSAKIRIS EGGS”, proceeded to the production of eggs with fortified fatty acids omega-3. Eggs with fortified fatty acids omega-3 are considered as the future of nutrition. They’re the product of the chicken’s controlled nutrition process based on the use of fish oil or linseed. Omega-3 fatty acids are highly beneficial for the human system due to their contribution in the production of good cholesterol as well as in the reduction of heart disease risk factors. Furthermore, always according to the conducted researches, they prevent depression, enhance mental process, decrease blood pressure, decrease the risk for intestinal, breast and prostate cancer, they soothe inflammation, especially the one associated with autoimmune diseases, they keep the skin lean and wrinkle free, they preserve eye health and reduce the risk for eye diseases similar to macular degeneration.
…for your heart!

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